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Continuing Care Retirement Communities get a bad rap. So we’ve taken to the streets (or simply asked those who live and work in a CCRC) to expose the truth when it comes to those disheartening myths.

There is no need to be fearful to move into a CCRC or help your parents make this transition. CCRC’s are specifically designed communities where the elderly can enjoy an independent life, socialize, attend community events, and pursue continuing education classes, among so much more. All of these amenities and benefits for you to enjoy while knowing you’re secure and safe with emergency care there for you 24/7.

We’re not saying to avoid doing your homework, because there will always be those communities that are better than others, but we do want to steer you away from the fear associated with this decision and shed some light on how beneficial CCRC’s, such as Orlando Lutheran Towers, are to our aging population.


#1 “A CCRC is the same as a Nursing Home.”

No, a Continuing Care Retirement Community is not a Nursing Home. Orlando Lutheran Towers CCRC offers Independent Living private apartment homes, Assisted Living private apartment homes, and a Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center with a separate Rapid Rehab and Alzheimer’s Dementia Unit. All the comforts of home plus the added peace of mind that no matter what your future health care needs are, you have moved into your new home, and will always be surrounded by old friends, new friends, and extended family.


#2 “It costs so much money; I could never afford to live there.”

We do have an entry fee to get into our community, but if you look at the broader picture the entry fee you pay gives you and your family the peace of mind to know that if anything were to happen in the future and you could not afford your future health care needs, that entry fee gives you a “Life Care Guarantee.” Keep in mind you do have to be qualified to get into the Community, but once in you are, you will be taken care of for life.

#3 “It’s just a social club for retirees?”

Along with many fun activities, there are opportunities for learning, enrichment and service. Old friends and new friends – basically an extended family – are what we see at the Orlando Lutheran Towers. The social aspect is very important. Imagine living in your home alone and all of your friends have either moved or passed away. It is very easy to become a recluse in your own home. Living in a beautiful community, such as the Orlando Lutheran Towers, gives you access to not only the health care and the security of never truly being alone, but also having access to friends and social and physical activities right outside your door.


#4 “People there just sit around in rocking chairs and play Bingo.”

There is a broad spectrum of interesting things to do. Many of our Residents say they are busier than before they retired, but now they are doing what they enjoy. When choosing a retirement community, it is important to think ahead. Are there engaging activities available if your health declines? Our continuum of care offers you exactly that. Cozy up in our common areas to leisurely enjoy a book or to savor conversation with friends and loved ones. Or, pack your calendar with offerings such as game nights, social events, multi-denominational religious services, yoga and fitness classes, art workshops, outings and/or extended learning college courses. At Orlando Lutheran Towers, opportunities for fun and interesting activities are practically limitless.

#5 “I have to leave my family”

Some of our Residents say the exact opposite in that they don’t want to burden their family with their future health care needs and want to make their own decisions of their Retirement needs. This is one big family at the Orlando Lutheran Towers, and our doors are always open to more family and friends. We even have guest apartments, and many of our Residents have their children and grandchildren in to visit even more often than if they were still in their own homes! Services are already in place and we continually prepare ourselves for any situation that arises because we believe that every senior deserves to live a full, vibrant life with peace and dignity.


#6 “My children will take care of me, so no need to move to a CCRC.”

While children have good intentions, they have work and other obligations. It seems like a beautiful situation at first, but as a person ages in place, sometimes the needs they have can’t be met by the loved one’s and there can even be animosity that builds. Not in every situation, but at times it is likely to happen. Many of our Residents have made the decision to move into the Orlando Lutheran Towers to do just the opposite. They wanted to take the pressure off of their children by choosing a retirement center that includes a good assisted living and nursing center so their future health care needs are always met.

#7 “It may be right for you, but I’m not moving until I absolutely have to.”

Sometimes waiting too long is the worst mistake you can make. So many times we have heard our Residents say after moving into the Orlando Lutheran Towers they wish they had done this many years ago. If you wait too long it may get to the point the decision is made for you and then you are placed somewhere that possibly wouldn’t have been your first or even best choice. Don’t wait too long! Your retirement is your choice. Compare Communities, and by doing this there is no doubt you will find the Community that is right for you and you will have made your own decisions. Don’t wait for someone to be forced to make that very important decision for you.


 #8 “They are going to lock me up and throw away the key!”

 The reality of it is the Facility wants the Residents who live in Independent or even Assisted Living Communities to feel completely comfortable and come and go as they please. It is really the Residents choice. By removing many of the what-ifs of residential living, we free your time and mind to simply enjoy living a great life.


#9 “I feel that I am too “young” to move, so there’s nothing for CCRC’s to offer me.”

Many people don’t realize all the amenities CCRC’s have to offer including: doctor’s offices, a formal dining room, salon services, fitness center, pharmacy, credit union, transportation services and so much more! Additionally there are always social activities to attend with others that share the same interests as you. Usually it takes a tour of the community to until people realize everything that is offered. It truly is an all-inclusive way to live!

#10 “There is no privacy at retirement communities.”

Living in an independent apartment is much like living in a condo downtown. With many amenities and services as well as emergency care if needed.  Residents can socialize as much or as little as they want. Orlando Lutheran Towers is a place to be you. Whether your pace is low-key or you prefer things hustling and bustling, we offer a range of onsite activities and off site excursions that let you do what you love.

#11 “There aren’t large apartments and I don’t want to downsize!”

 Orlando Lutheran Towers offers apartment sizes to meet your needs. That peace of mind comes from knowing that all the bases are covered. That’s why we do our best to anticipate your every need by offering studio, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom apartment home options ranging from 450 sq. ft.  up to 1,508 sq. ft.). We also customize to suit your personal décor style (choose your own paint colors, flooring, counter tops, etc.). We also offer move-in services that include assistance with what to bring, packing, moving, and unpacking, as well as estate sale help.

#12 “Staying at home would be cheaper than a retirement community.”

 Combining all of your bills that you pay separately at your home including utilities, lawn care, pool service, housekeeping, taxes etc. is most times more expensive then paying the virtually all-inclusive monthly maintenance fee at a CCRC. Not to mention if you have not paid off your mortgage, you are also adding that into the cost of living at home. Plus if you ever run out of money to pay for your care, we have systems in place such as the Towers Foundation to ensure you are taken care of for life at Orlando Lutheran Towers.

The Good Life is Waiting at Orlando Lutheran Towers!

A beautiful apartment home styled to your preferences; a community of new and old friends to share in the adventure; world-class amenities and a wealth of enjoyable activities, all backed by the security of caring on-call medical care. You really can have it all!


Here are a few interesting statistics about retirement and the people who are in that phase of life:

       One of the 77 million baby boomers reaches 50 every seven seconds. That is around 11,960 people a day and 4 million a year.

       In 2001, 77 million Americans were 50 and older (comprising 28% of the population). By 2020 that segment will be 36% of the population.

       Nearly 6,000 Americans turn 65 every day, that figure will jump to 9,000 as the baby boomers age.

       Nearly 35 million Americans were 65 or older in year 2000.

       Consumers 65 and over make up 13% of the population but account for only 2% of the characters on prime-time TV.

       In the next 25 years, there will be over a million centenarians in this country.


RATIO OF SENIOR MEN TO SENIOR WOMEN72 – The number of men age 65 and older for every 100 women in the same age group.

·         In the 85 and over group, there are 45 men per 100 women.